The Georges in Peru

8 appointments!

27 Jul 2020

8:45 am

Mary Beth had her echocardiogram.  It took the U/S tech quite a while to get good views of Mary Beth's heart, but it showed that her right heart outflow tract was markedly compromised.

10:30 am

Met with Pamela Valer the international patient coordinator.  Turns out she is originally from Lima, Peru!

10:45 am

Met with Chris from the business office to pay our deductible for the insurance company.  

11:00 am

Mary Beth had blood tests taken.

11:10 am

Mary Beth had a chest X-ray.

12:45 pm

Time for an EKG!

3:15 pm

Met with the surgeon and her nurses.  Surgery is scheduled for 10:30 am tomorrow!


Got pre-op photos taken. 

Whew!   As a physician, I was amazed most by how 'the trains all run on time at Mayo'.  At each of the appointments, we got in a line to check-in and they told us to sit in the waiting room and in every case we never had to wait more than 5 minutes before being called.

And just for fun:

Hottest Mary Beth has ever experienced.