The Georges in Peru

Arrived in La Punta!

08 Apr 2022

Tuesday we decided to rent a house while we wait for the house we'd like to buy to get its paperwork updated.  A contact we made when we went to La Punta two weeks ago has a house to rent, so we took a YouTube video tour and told her we'd take it! (see below)

Wednesday morning we woke up a bit before 6 am and went out looking for gas.  The gas station two blocks from our house had gas and there was no line, so we filled our tank and went back home.  That was easy!  

We thought Thursday would be a good time to move to La Punta, but they planned to do some major work on the plumbing of the house we were staying in on Wednesday, so we decided that since we had gas we might as well just go!  We packed our car the fullest I've ever packed it and we drove the 2.5-hour trip to La Punta!  It took over an hour to unload it!

Our rental house for the next month or two in La Punta


This is a recap of today's activities:  We got up and went for a 6-km run to the ocean and back.  At the beach we saw a couple of people working out, but no other runners.  On the way back I saw a van I recognized.  It was the MMI (Medical Ministries International) van and they were in La Punta distributing wheelchairs!  Shortly afterward we met the team of a dozen people and chatted a bit.  After breakfast and devotions, we went out looking for the wheelchair project.  We were told it was in the sports complex, but there are 4 or 5 in this small town.  After asking a few strangers where it was, it turned out to be in a tiny village about 1km outside of La Punta.  Luckily, we were on our bikes, so we could get there quickly.  While at the medical campaign we met some people from the mayor's office and when we got home, a pastor from a local church that we've been hoping to meet arrived at our door!  We had a great time talking to him and his family over lunch and talked about how we can help them and their church in the future.  They are having their church anniversary tomorrow night, so we're going to help with the preparations.  I then made arrangements to get internet in our house and we took these pictures before going to the fruit store to get a mango for supper.  While there, a man named Villaomar came in the door and said, "Were you the two people we saw running this morning?"  "Yes!  Were you the people working out on the beach?!"  "Yes!"  We're going to love living in a small town again!

The view of La Punta a short walk from our house