The Georges in Peru

Back in Peru!

01 Dec 2020

We made it!  We are back in Arequipa, quarantining again, until December 12th.  Things were looking a bit uncertain the day before our flight because we hadn't gotten our COVID test results back yet.  Peru requires that those entering the country get a COVID test done within 3 days of their flight, but COVID tests take around 3 days for results.  With Thanksgiving in the midst, we worried they might take even longer.  Thankfully, at 9:46 pm we got our negative results so we were good to fly out the next morning!

Immigrations and customs in Lima were the quickest we have ever experienced and we were at the SIM guest house early.  Our faithful Nissan was waiting for us in the garage.  The government mandated us to go to the guest house and drive to Arequipa the next day, not stopping for anything unnecessary.   The trip took over 17 hours instead of the normal 15 because there were so many slow trucks grinding up the mountains.  I'm so glad that not only is Mary Beth feeling like a new person, but she can drive too! 

Our friend Luz, who was housesitting, bought us groceries and left a clean house for us to move back into.  It has been a bit surreal.  We have a kind of a 'what just happened?' feeling as our brains wrap around the events of the last 4 months.  

Yesterday, I had 3 virtual patients.  They didn't waste much time finding out we were home!

Photo 1:  COVID-19 testing station in Chicago

Photo 2:  A truck accident that reminded us to drive carefully