The Georges in Peru

Back in the USA

04 Sep 2021

“My dad’s name is Jim Penner”, I told my fellow travellers on the 11-seater prop plane while flying to the US this week. “Oh!”, said the lady in front of me. “I grew up on the farm next door, and spent many wonderful hours with your aunts playing in your house!” That was a fun connection! Allen found me on the other side of the border without any trouble and we were on our way.

We visited Paul at his new digs at the university at Lincoln and stayed the night at Allen’s sister’s farm nearby. The next day they rallied our help to bring in the bulls which was a fun and new experience. In North Carolina, we met up with Eric and Tina VanPelt who worked with us in Peru for many years. This morning, we ran Mary Beth’s first ’T-Shirt’ race and tried a delicious apple-cider slushy at the Hendersonville Apple Festival.

We posed with one of the many ceramic bears decorating Hendersonville, NC. They are painted by local artists and sold for charity each year.