The Georges in Peru

Blessed Beyond Reason

15 Mar 2022

Blessings pour like refreshing rain from heaven.  

As we think back on our home assignment and our arrival here, we are so thankful.  We are thankful to the many people who hosted us for the night and took us out for meals.  We are thankful for my parents who gave us their ‘Country Cottage’ farm house to stay in during the three months we were in Manitoba and for Ron and Lynn Tanner who generously let us stay in their Omaha house during January and February.  We were so glad for a place to receive guests and make memories.

It’s good to be back in Peru again.  Besides the sunshine, birds singing and fresh air coming in through open windows and doors in a mosquito-less land, we’ve been enjoying walking to nearby stores which are laden with things we have missed while in Canada and the States like mangoes and Peruvian peanuts!  It was encouraging going to our old church on Sunday and feeling the enthusiasm during singing as well as seeing the good church attendance.  Our friends there are sad to see us go to the coast, but are looking forward to coming out for visits and supporting us in our ministry there. 

People lining up to show their vaccine cards and ID to get into the Mall.

The peanut stand at the market.  They also sell a few other things.

Allen was excited to find a new chemistry shop.