The Georges in Peru

Can you Bring me a St. Bernard?

11 Nov 2020

courtesy wikipedia

Whenever we go back to Peru we get requests to bring things.  We've been asked to bring computers, guitars, iPhones, projectors, candy, books, wetsuits, communion platters, Buzz Lightyear and many other things.  If we have space we try to help out.  But usually, we are bringing so many things that we need we don't have room.  Our favorite request has to be, "Can you bring us a Saint Bernard?" 

We couldn't pull that one off, but that does bring me to the reason we are posting to our blog:  We're planning on going back to Peru November 28th!  

We know far better than to say, "We're going back to Peru" because this is 2020 and things are a bit uncertain.  (James 4:14-15)  But that is our plan.  As you may have heard, Peru just sacked her president and there are demonstrations in the streets, so pray for things to work out.  We will fly to the States on the 20th to spend Thanksgiving with the kids and then on to Lima on the 28th.  On the 29th, we will drive to Arequipa where we will quarantine in our home for 2 weeks.