The Georges in Peru

Canada let us in!

10 Aug 2021

Monday marked the first day in over a year that US citizens could cross the Washington-British Columbia border for non-essential-worker reasons.  We had a 90-minute wait at the border crossing where they asked us several questions: "Where do you live?" "Peru."  "Whose car is this?" "Mine." "Where did you buy it?"  "New York."  "Why does it have Nebraska license plates?" "I'm from Nebraska." "Do you own any guns?" (I'm not kidding)  As a good Canadian, the agent was very nice and even mentioned that she had been to Peru right before the pandemic.  Thankfully, we didn't get randomly selected to get an additional COVID test after crossing the border.  

We the drove about 20 minutes to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal and ferried to Vancouver Island (after a 4-hour wait) and saw ex-Peru missionaries, Jim and Vegas Dargatz before going to Mary Beth's Aunt Lorna's home in Nanaimo. 

Praise God that we got through and didn't have to rework our schedule again!