The Georges in Peru

Four-legged Turkey

23 Nov 2018

Yesterday, we invited our missionary team to our home for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was our first time as a couple to host a big dinner and our marriage survived.  It must have looked tenuous for a moment as one missionary even asked us how we dealt with conflict as she watched us work together getting broth out of the turkey bag to make gravy.  (Good Gravy, Batman!)  Actually, we were a good team getting dinner on the table.   We bought an 8.0 kg turkey (they're about $25, if you were wondering) which was enough for the 21 people that were present.  We would have had more leftovers if more of the 8.0 kg had been meat and less had been feet (or head)!  This one came with 4 of them!  We still have so much to be thankful to God for!