The Georges in Peru

Hike to the Volcano

17 Sep 2016

This morning, Mia, Paul and I went to Yura, a village about 30 km from our house to "Trek to the Volcano", an event sponsored by the village.  We met the rest of the hikers at 8:30 and got on the stock truck to head out to the trailhead.  Someone with a farm background and really good skills at imitating cows and other barnyard animals weighed the risks of insulting the local culture's method of transporting humans and soon had the truck 'moo'ing and 'baa'ing.  After the hike, the truck was deemed unsafe for transport (we had smelled burning brakes on the way to the trailhead) and were told another truck would be sent out in half an hour.  After a 3-hour hike, one has a bond with his fellow hikers, so we were having a good time joking and letting the tourism students practice their English with me.  One student asked me what I did, and when I told him I was an evangelical medical missionary he asked me, "What is the difference between Catholics and Evangelicals?"  My kids probably saw me smile as I looked at my captive audience in the back of the truck. "We have a lot of similarities, but I saw a big difference recently, when a teacher at the kids' school died and someone asked the priest, 'Will he go to heaven?'  'I don't know.  But, he did everything he was supposed to do.' But evangelicals believe it wasn't what we do but what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross. We can't earn heaven.  We just have to recognize we are sinners, repent and accept Jesus' dying on the cross for our sins and we are saved.  We don't have to wonder if we've done enough because WE don't do anything."  Everyone listened intently but one of the students changed the subject before I could make an altar call in the back of the truck. (Okay, I wouldn't have done that, but I would have invited anyone that wanted to, to talk with me more!)


The 'herd' loaded up and ready to go.

El Volcán Colorado