The Georges in Peru

Home from the Hospital!

30 Jul 2020

Yay!  Mary Beth was released to home from the hospital today around 2 pm.  Here you can see her with nurse Carley getting into our car to go home.   'Home' is used loosely here, since Mary Beth had never been to where we are staying before I brought her here.  But she is glad to be here none-the-less!

She is still having some discomfort and taking pain medicine but glad to be 'home'.  She said that she is having less pain than she expected from what she had read about the recovery process.  But she is by no means pain free.  She was having a lot of pain at 5 pm, so I gave her another Tramadol and it helped right away.  She is, importantly, able to stand up without her heart rate going up significantly, so the surgery has already made her markedly better.  Thanks for praying!