The Georges in Peru

Keep your Safety Glasses on!

19 Apr 2021

No, not for COVID!  Keep you safety glasses on if you are using a grinder or other tools that might send particles flying towards your eyes!

Stan, a fellow missionary, was using a grinder and removed his glasses when he stopped to talk to someone.  When he went back to work, he forgot to put his glasses back on and almost immediately got a bit of rock in his eye.  He came to see me the next day, but I couldn't get the speck to budge (maybe I need to get the plank out of my own eye? Sorry. Missionary humor.)  Today we went to Medical Ministries International's clinic to borrow their slit lamp and when I looked at him through the scope the speck was gone!  He said that in the morning he had had some discomfort and then it suddenly felt better.  It must have finally worked its way free at that time.  Praise God!  Much better than for me to try and flick it out with a needle!