The Georges in Peru

Ketchup Famine of 2020

14 Jul 2020

I find it interesting which things have become scarce in Peru.  Like everywhere, toilet paper flew off the shelve at the start of the pandemic.  There are actually studies to explain why that happens!  Thankfully, TP has reappeared in Peruvian stores with no more limits on buying it.  But other things that you might not expect to be scarce have also become hard to find.  I asked at about 10 stores over the last week if anyone had mustard or ketchup and finally found both today.  (I got my share of 'Mustard?!   Seriously?  NO!  Nor do we have any European white truffles!' looks from store owners) Borrowing a Cuban tactic used to give the impression that stores are full of goods, the local supermarkets fill all the space that varieties of ketchup and mustard used to fill with what they have on hand.  In this case, Mayonnaise!