The Georges in Peru

Living Vicariously through our Kids

17 Jan 2020

Last week was SIM Peru's Spiritual Life Conference near Lima.  Our fantastic speakers were Bob and Kamrin Evans from the Bay Area in California.  SIM Peru missionaries come from 9-12 different countries (depends on if you count where they were born or where their passports say they are from) so we pick English for presentations since we have new people that don't speak Spanish yet and our Swiss and German missionaries speak excellent English.  But some words are new to them.  During one of the talks Bob used the word 'vicarious' and was asked what it meant.  It means to experience through another person's actions.

Wednesday, was the tenth edition of the Race to the Rocks, a 7.2 km race on the beach.  I've reached that stage in life when my kids are beating me in about everything, including foot races.  I have chosen to vicariously claim their victories as my own, as was the case in Paul's victory in the race!

Photo taken right before the start of the race 'we' won.

Last night, I was preaching at a church for the first time.  I asked for a volunteer to read a verse and one woman raised her hand but then declined when she realized that she didn't have her reading glasses, so someone else read the verse.  A bit later, I asked for another volunteer to read a three-verse passage and the woman without her glasses volunteered again.  She stood up, looked straight ahead and without her bible recited all three verses word-perfectly from memory!  I was amazed until I realized that the guy running the projector was putting up all the verses on the screen behind me!