The Georges in Peru

Monday Update

29 Jun 2020

6:58 am

Got an email from the insurance company saying that because of the strict state of emergency here in Arequipa the air ambulance will only take Mary Beth on the flight.  I feel I need to be with her.  Can I drive separately to Lima?  Will they let me out of Arequipa?

8:17 am

Mary Beth is doing better today.  She feels fine and is in good spirits.  But as soon as she gets upright she feels weak and wiped out.  Even sitting up has its limits.  Paul just escorted her from the bed to the couch downstairs.  She eats her meals lying down on the couch.  The cat is enjoying her condition and sits and sleeps on her much of the day!

9:10 am

MB has to have a negative COVID test before she can travel out of Arequipa because of the state of emergency.  But today's a holiday.  Peter and Paul Day.  No labs are open that do the COVID tests, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to advance.  Thankfully, Mary Beth seems to be stable.