The Georges in Peru

No gas!

04 Apr 2022

Currently, Peru is in the throes of a transportation strike.  Truck drivers and others who buy lots of fuel are protesting against the high price of petroleum products by blocking the roads.  I'll leave it up to you to explain how this is going to cause the price of a barrel of oil to go down!  

Last night, as we drove between our church (where I preached) and  Elvis' church (for their commissioning ceremony), we saw this multi-block procession of cars lined up to get gas at one of the few gas stations that still had any.  Since there are no tanker trucks bringing in fuel, the city of Arequipa has basically run out.  

People in agriculture are getting angry because their harvests can't make it to market and here in the city, the prices of fresh fruit and vegetables have skyrocketed.  We are in the process of buying a house in La Punta, but we are unable to drive or even take public transportation to get there to work out the details. 

Pray that this gets resolved soon.