The Georges in Peru

Packin' Papas

05 May 2020

'Papa' is the word for potato in Spanish.  It's also the word for 'Pope' which has made for some pretty hilarious menu translations in some restaurants.  (e.g. 'baked pope'!) Right now potatoes are cheap.  This week our emergency relief project bought 3 tons of potatoes for 3.34¢ (USD) per pound!  (CAD 10.33¢/kg)  Our job today was to divide them into plastic bags of 3kg each (6.6 pounds) to give to hungry families this week.

Mia and Mary Beth stand in the midst of our task.  Each sack of potatoes weighs about 220 pounds (100kg).

If you want to help feed hungry Venezuelan refugees and poor Peruvians please consider donating here.