The Georges in Peru

Saturday Update

04 Jul 2020

Happy Independence Day to our American friends!

Mary Beth says she is feeling much better today.  Her body aches and head ache are better.  We've worked on more exercises (moving her arms and legs every 15 minutes while lying down), different positioning of her neck (no pillow) and massages.  She feels about the same wobbly-wise when she gets up.

She asked me to figure out a way to suspend her computer into a comfortable position, so this is what I came up with.  

3:22 pm

The insurance company called to say they had found a doctor that does the surgery Mary Beth need in Lima.  "Let's see, his name is, Victor..."  "Gomez?" I said, helping her find his last name.  "Yes!  Gomez!"  "Yes.  I've talked to him.  He only does this surgery on kids up to 17 years old."  "Oh." 

So for now, we are just waiting for our video appointment with Dr. Jaroszewski at the Mayo Clinic on Friday, July 10th to decide what to do.  Pray that she has operating room openings soon after our initial visit with her.