The Georges in Peru

Special Connections

25 May 2024

The obvious highlight of our trip to North America was spending time with the family celebrating Sarah’s graduation, it was a huge blessing to all be in one place for the 2nd time this year!  We even got to see Zach’s parents who came out from Niger for the occasion.  


Another highlight for me was spending some time in Manitoba.  We haven’t been back in 2 years and I was missing it tremendously so it was good to get that bug out of my system.  


One thing I was really looking forward to about the trip to Canada was seeing my new nephew Jed, so I was sad to find out a few weeks before we left that my brother and his wife were going to be on a missions trip with their church to Brazil that week.  


I’ve been learning from 2nd Corinthians lately about God’s comfort and was super blessed to experience it in real life when our paths ‘just so happened’ to meet on our ways back home.  Our planes landed in Miami within minutes of each other and Allen and I were able to deke out of International Departures for a few minutes to say 'Hi' before flying on to Lima.  Words cannot express the joy, not only from seeing Jed, but from the confirmation of God’s care and thoughtfulness for our hearts' desires.