The Georges in Peru

Sunday update

28 Jun 2020

As lots of people want to know what is going on with Mary Beth's health, we will be updating this page several times a day instead of trying to update everyone personally.  Thanks for praying.

This morning a got a call from the emergency evacuation insurance company at 2:10 am.  They are in the UK, so that is a normal-be-awake sort of time of day for them.   Yesterday, they had asked how early they could call and I told them that if they had something important to tell me to call any time.   Humorously, he told me that they would be calling back later in the morning after they had more of a plan.  Must have been an accidental dial.

8:38 am

The guy from the insurance company called back to say that because of the state of emergency they couldn't get a Canadian to the USA at this time.  They aren't even sure they can get an air ambulance out of Arequipa.  But they think they can.  They found a hospital in Lima that they think can do the surgery.  I asked for a phone number of the surgeon in Lima to find out directly from him if they do the type of surgery Mary Beth needs.

9:32 am

The insurance company emailed me saying that we need to get a permission to travel from the ministry of health to be able to go to Lima.  We will need to get tested for COVID first.

10:10 am

Talked to CT surgeon, Dr. Homes in Lima at the Clínica Inca.  He said that his colleagues do the surgery and asked me to send him a video of all of the CT scans of Mary Beth's thorax.  I was surprised how well it worked to take a video of my computer screen going through the slices of the CT.

1:48 pm

I contacted a lab about getting the COVID test done.  Since today is an all-day curfew and tomorrow is a holiday (Peter and Paul day), they said they can't do it until Wednesday.

1:54 pm 

Tania Catacora, the director of MMI volunteered to help us find a lab that is open to do the test at the latest tomorrow.  Pray she can find a functioning lab.

2:43 pm

Tania can't find any labs open today.  She promised to keep searching in the morning.

3:12 pm

Mary Beth's mom found this article about another woman with a very similar experience.