The Georges in Peru

Thankful our SUV waited until now to break down

19 Dec 2020

Yesterday, on our way to our team Christmas party our Nissan Patrol started overheating.  I noticed a small leak last week and already had an appointment for today to get it repaired.  I pulled over to take a look and found the small leak had turned into a big leak and the radiator was approaching empty.  Thankfully, there was a irrigation canal next to where we stopped and 1200 ml at a time (we had 3 old Powerade bottles in the car) I refilled the radiator.  It was enough to get to the Christmas party, where we refilled it again.  That allowed us enough time to get to the mechanic, about 10 minutes away, with a trail of water marking our route!  We are so glad that that happened here in Arequipa and not on our 17-hour trip through the desert from Lima 3 weeks ago!  Carlos, the mechanic, says he'll have it fixed today.

PS.  Carlos called and said our SUV is fixed!  Total cost:  $79.72!  I love Peru.