The Georges in Peru

They say speed bumps cause more accidents than they prevent...

20 May 2020

Today I dropped off Mia at the church where we are packing bags of food for Venezuelan refugees and poor Peruvians and headed to Economax for what was supposed to be a quick trip to get a few things.  Four blocks from my destination I thought, "There are police near the entry of Economax.  Where is my permission to be out during lockdown to show them."  I glanced toward the passenger seat where I thought it was and it wasn't there. BAM!  I hit the car in front of me!  He had slowed down for the really big speed bumps on the avenue and I hit him in the moment I had looked for my permit.  Ugh!  Thankfully, the driver was super nice and didn't start yelling at me.  And thankfully, he wasn't hurt!  I called my insurance agent who sent a claims person who arrived on a motorcycle 30 minutes later.  By then, the other driver and I decided it would be easiest for me to just give him $200 (he only asked for $170) and go on our ways and not spend the day filling out forms in the police station.  

This is a picture of the car I hit.  Give thanks that no one was hurt.  Our SUV has a barely crooked front bumper now.

update 27JUN2020:  Paul and I were out for a run (running errands) and we saw this car again near where I hit it.  It was fixed and looking good as new!