The Georges in Peru

Three Boxes Left Over

07 Aug 2022

When we bought our house here in La Punta, it came with most of its contents.  The previous owners live in New Jersey and obviously couldn't take all of their things with them, so we bought the house 'as is'.  That means that we had a lot of duplicate items that we needed to get rid of.  So, for the 3rd time in 2 years we had a garage sale!  It was scheduled for Friday and Saturday and we handed out flyers to people on the street and posted some pictures on the 'Buy & Sell La Punta' Facebook page. 

Wow did it work!  Friday morning, people were lined up outside of our house over an hour before our 8 am opening time.  By 9:30 there was little left.  By 10:30 we declared the sale over and put the 3 remaining small boxes and 2 glass jugs on the sidwalk with a 'Free!' sign on them.  They were all gone within an hour!

We're thankful that the sale was a good opportunity to get to know our neighbors better and for them to enter our patio where we hold our church services.  Pray that it leads to some attending church and becoming Christians!