The Georges in Peru

Thursday Update

09 Jul 2020

This afternoon, we had an appointment for a phone call with Meagan, the nurse for the thoracic surgeon at Mayo.  Everytime Meagan called, we could hear her but she couldn't hear us.  Finally I ended up calling the Mayo switchboard and got transferred to Meagan's department and we could hear each other!   She went over all of the risks of the surgery, pain control, pre-op,  surgery and post-op timeline, and recovery time.  She said that normally there was a 4-5 month waiting list to get the operation!  But with the COVID pandemic she wasn't sure what we can expect.  We should know more tomorrow.

And now for something completely different:

Our oven of 20 years quit two days before the lockdown started.  Since I have replaced several parts on it over the years and it still leaked a bit of gas at times, we decided it was finally time to get a new one.  We are so glad it was then, as we have had to cook all of our meals at home since March 16th.   Our old oven has been sitting in our back yard since then since we can't take it to the junk yard.  

Before lunch, I was riding my bike to the outdoor vegetable market and saw a pickup with a bunch of junk in the back, including an oven!  "Hey!" I yelled, but the driver didn't hear me, so I turned around and chased him until he slowed down for a speed bump.  "You want to buy an old oven?"  "Let's see it!"  "Follow me!"

He followed me to our house, loaded up the oven and even paid me $3 for it!  If only Mary Beth could sit at the dinner table and look out over the back yard and see that it is gone!