The Georges in Peru

Thursday Update

23 Jul 2020

Tomorrow is a big day.  We have to meet at the Lima Marriott Hotel at 7 am with all of the other North Americans who got approved for tomorrow's repatriation flight.  They will take us in shuttle buses to the air force base (since the airport is closed to international travel) and we will wait outdoors in the cold and snow (okay, no snow, but it will probably be cloudy and cool 60˚F/16˚C) while they check all of our paperwork.  There is no water or food available while we wait, so we have to pack our own vittles until our flight leaves at 3 pm.   We get to Miami 5.5 hours later.

Mary Beth has been doing the best she has in weeks.  She's actually been sitting at the table and eating meals with us, which is great.  I wonder if it is the increased oxygen at sea level.