The Georges in Peru

Tuesday update

30 Jun 2020

This morning we went to the lab to get tested for COVID.  Mary Beth lay down in the back seat of the SUV and did pretty well traveling.  It was pretty scary being in a crowded room full of people getting tested for COVID.  I mean, they have a reason to be there, right?  Like they think they might have COVID?  Thankfully, the lab tech came out and poked Mary Beth's finger in the SUV.  Two hours later we got the results, which were the expected 'Non-reactive'.  Since there are so many false positives, it wasn't a sure thing.  She's actually feeling better today.  She isn't feeling so completely wiped out after simple things like going to the bathroom or sitting up to eat.  "I can stand for 30 seconds before getting wobbly.  Yesterday I felt wobbly immediately after I stood up."

4:14 pm

I'm trying to find out if the surgeons that the insurance company is trying to line us up with actually do this surgery in adults.  They've not been very transparent, and haven't answered the questions, "How many cases do you do per year in adults?"  "Do you have the necesary materials to do the surgery?"  Hopefully, we'll be able to get answers to these questions soon.  I was told that the chief surgeon will get in contact with me to answer my questions.

5:33 pm

The medical director did call me, but he wouldn't answer my questions, but instead requested that we get another CT scan that shows she doesn't have COVID despite the negative tests we've done.  I think they are terrified to bring in a possible COVID patient to their hospital.  Of course, they are increasing her risk of contracting COVID every time they request another outside study.

6:21 pm

Great news!  The Mayo clinic in Arizona emailed saying that they would set up a video consult tomorrow with Dr. Jaroszewski, one of the world's experts on pectus excavatum.  Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for the consult.  It looks to me that God is closing the door on Lima and opening the door for Mayo.  Pray that He continues to guide us clearly.