The Georges in Peru

We have a Flight Date!

17 Jul 2020

After a long day of chasing dead ends, Allen was finally able to book us a repatriation flight to the US of A for July 24th.  Thankfully, spouses of American citizens are allowed! He got the very last fully-reclining seat on the plane for me which is exactly what I needed.  This is my first time traveling business class and might be my last, so best enjoy it!  Aetna, the insurance company, wrote us an e-mail right after he booked to tell us that they are unwilling to help us out on this venture, so we are extremely thankful we found another option.  I must admit that this progress has me extremely excited and nervous all at the same time.  You can pray I'll get well enough to sit up during transitions and for our 15-hour trip to Lima (we'll have to drive since the airport in Arequipa is still closed).  This afternoon, Allen ingeniously came up with a travel arrangement for me!