The Georges in Peru

Wednesday update

01 Jul 2020

2:19 pm

Haven't heard from Mayo yet, but they are still eating lunch in their time zone and are known for being a well-run organization, so I'm confident we'll still hear from them later today.   I just talked to the cardiologist here and arranged for Mary Beth to get an echocardiogram tomorrow at noon.  Pray that it clears the picture instead of muddying it!

Mary Beth is feeling weaker than yesterday.  For the medical people, her orthostatic blood pressures may interest you:  Supine she is 110/75 but standing her BP is unreadable.  Her heart rate goes from 75 lying down to 115 standing up.  This is about what she has been running since I started checking two weeks ago.

3:09 pm

Mayo emailed to say that Mary Beth's CT scans didn't upload to their system and asked me to try again.  Moments after I uploaded them again, they wrote back to say that they got them and they will look them over and get back to us.