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Sleeping on the Floor

10 Apr 2016

Amy hasn't been able to eat at the dinner table for a couple of days, but since she was doing a bit better yesterday afternoon, we decided to have her try sitting at the table with the family again.  It didn't work:  She kept reaching for things (she can't see hardly anything), dragging her hands through her food and would have knocked many things on the floor if it were not for Mia's cat-like reflexes.  So it looks like were done with sitting at the table unless she rebounds markedly.

Last night she was hallucinating and yelling and hitting me again.  When I say 'hitting me', she's not clenching a fist and punching me, but her arms flail a lot during the night and she smacks me in the face over and over.  At 1 am I finally gave up on hoping that she was almost asleep and would stop soon and I moved to a camping mattress on the floor.  She continued to talk and yell, but I could sleep a bit better through her yelling than getting smacked in the head.

Better night

08 Apr 2016

I'm glad to report that last night was markedly better than the previous.  Amy slept, or at least was quiet, for most of the night.  She woke up at 3 am and said, "I want granola with yogurt!"  Yes, my home-made granola is that good.  You want to get up at 3 am to eat the stuff!  I trundled downstairs and prepared a bowl and brought it upstairs half expecting her to say, "I don't want granola now," but she ate the whole bowl full and then went back to sleep!

The kids are home from school because their school is a voting location for Sunday's first round of the presidential election here in Peru.  They are in our bedroom playing a game on the floor next to their mom.

Horrible Night

07 Apr 2016

Last night Amy hallucinated and talked loudly almost the entire night.  She also kicked and pinched and hit me several times.   I only got an hour's sleep.  Several times I pled with her to be quiet, hoping that a rational part of her brain would be able to take over, but that never happened.  The good news is that she didn't seem to be in much pain and seems to not be in much pain today.

Good news and bad news

06 Apr 2016

The Good News first:

Amy's maintained her weight for about a week now.  

She's been laughing again.  She has rarely laughed and never cried over the last 2 months.  She still will say funny things (I mean on purpose, not the hallucinations, which are funny too).  She's been laughing frequently over the last day or two.  I think it's always nicer to be around people who laugh.

The Bad News:

She's having more difficulty swallowing and is getting hard to feed during meal times because she reaches for random things (including the food on Mia's plate) and drags her hands through her food.  She'll sometimes chew a mouthful 30 times.  Or 100.

She was verbally unresponsive for much of the last two days.  She couldn't come to supper last night or breakfast this morning because she was too 'out of it'.


Winning the Weight War

04 Apr 2016

The last two times we've weighed Amy she's actually gone up in weight.  I think it is helping that we keep feeding her even after she loses interest.  She's not been vomiting for several days too.  Plus, I've been making lots of icecream and sourdough bread with butter and honey, which she can't resist!

I want a haircut!

03 Apr 2016

Pretty much anything feasible that Amy requests she gets.  This would be approximately half the requests.  When she requested a haircut yesterday, we thought, "We can do that!"  So Sarah and Mia started their careers as cosmonauts, [ahem] cosmetologists yesterday.

Apple Pie

01 Apr 2016

Amy's lost a lot of weight over the last three weeks because she's had no appetite, or worse, nausea and vomiting.  She's been feeling better recently, so we've been trying hard to get her to eat more.  She's really got a sweet tooth and yesterday ate a lot of Swedish Cheesecake (Östkaka.  Doesn't translate well into Spanish) and today for dessert at lunch ate two pieces of apple pie, slathered with whipped cream.  I've learned that if I get a snack in the morning and sit by her to eat it and offer her some, she'll pretty much eat all of it.  She will almost always eat mango, and unbelieveably (to a non-coffee-drinker), will drink a full cup of coffee with milk and sugar.  

Can I laugh?

31 Mar 2016

As I've mentioned, Amy says a lot of nonsense right now.  She's pretty convinced that we have two more kids, Ellie and Luís (and sometimes Lisa and others).  At first when she spoke like this we didn't know how to react.  Can one laugh at someone whose brilliant mind is now splintered and in disarray?  Interestingly enough, the people who knew Amy well have all said, "Amy would have wanted you to laugh."  So we talked about it as a family and decided, "Go ahead and laugh.  She would have wanted us to laugh."  I think this kind of freaked out a visitor we had yesterday, as if Amy's children were being disrespectful to her (I actually wasn't there but the kids told me later) but it aligns with what we think her wishes would be.  The kids wisely came up with the plan to be less cheeky when guests are present.

Last night Amy slept pretty well, and she's eaten well today, though I've noticed that she is having more difficulty swallowing.  She has lost 10 kg (22 pounds) in the last 20 days, so we are trying hard to get to her eat more, especially now while she doesn't have so much headache and nausea as before.  We've stopped asking if she wants peanut butter on her apples.  We just add it on to boost the calories.

Kind of the same

30 Mar 2016

Again, not much to report.  Amy ate better than usual today, but mostly slept on the couch.  She was quite confused today.  I took Sarah, Mia and Paul shopping for black clothing today.  Hated doing it but it needed to be done now and not later.

Normal Day

29 Mar 2016

No, it wasn't a normal day.  It's rather hard to imagine 'normal' at the moment.  But we try to carry on with our normal activities.  Not that we are in denial about the gravity of Amy's situation, but we can't sit paralyzed waiting for her to die.  I went to our missionary team meeting this morning.  The kids went to school.  I bought groceries.  A haystack of laundry was washed and dried on the line.  Today was the first day of track practice and Paul and Mia seemed to enjoy going. (their coach clearly isn't as sadistic as my high school coach!)  Today was the 2nd edition of Sarah's weekly cooking Bible study for teenage girls.  They make muffins or cookies and then have a Bible study.  Or at least giggle a lot.  Amy used to have a ministry like that in Abancay years ago.  Amy had a pretty good day.  She didn't need any pain meds, but she was disoriented all day.  Having her comfortable is our goal.  She ate well and has been keeping everything down for several days in a row now.

Sarah and her cookie bakers


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