Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers who join together to help connect people with Missions using today's technology.

DevelopersHere are a few of us after a Hackathon

Drupal Team

Article about our team

Web development and the gospel of Christ

How did it all begin?

My name is David and I've spent most of life working as a software engineer. In May 2011 I left my work at a bank to serve with SIM in Peru. 

David Jeyachandran and family Serving in Mission in Peru With my wife Christine and our three beautiful kids - Annabelle, Amelia and Samuel

Project for the Community is a community project. This means that it is built primarily by people who volunteer their time and their expertise. The process of building a team of volunteers takes time and a lot of work. However the result is that we have a sustainable way to develop and maintain our website. We also believe that a community of developers in the long term can achieve more than any single organisation - irrelevant of how much money they have.

This project is also a great way to connect with students who are keen to learn about web development.