The Georges in Peru

Post-Op Day Four

13 Dec 2015

Amy opted to stay home from church today.  She felt like she physically could have gone, but she wasn't ready for all of the attention.  I guess having everyone say, "You're looking great!" is annoying to her.  I've gotten used to it. (insert smiley)  She is a bit ataxic (her gait is a bit unsteady) so she doesn't do stairs unless someone is around to walk below her, so we got everything she needed on first floor and the rest of us went to church and she watched it online ( from home.  She's napping now.  She's been sleeping a lot.  Healing brains need their rest.

Home Again!

12 Dec 2015

I was able to pick up Amy and bring her home around noon.  She has a bunch of medicines to take for the next week and an appointment with the neuro-oncologist on the 23rd to see if there is anything that they would suggest as treatment.  Dr. Puccioni came by this morning and said that the post-surgery MRI showed that they were very successful removing the tumor without leaving any large remnants.  Hopefully, without leaving small remnants either, but it is hard to get all of the tumor in brain surgery because they have little tendrils that can go off in different directions and are hard to get. 

They spared enough hair that she's even able to mostly cover up the surgical site with her other hair without it looking like a comb-over.  She's resting now, glad to be home without beeping machines monitoring her!

Post-Op Day Two

11 Dec 2015

Today Amy was moved down to the neurosurgery post-op floor.  It is a nicer room and no room mate, so a nice improvement.  She's feeling better and better and getting more things 'unplugged' including the drain that came out of her head.  We went for a couple of walks around the halls.  In the afternoon the neuro-oncology resident came by with the pathology results.  The pathology came back as tumor, calling it a grade IV glioma.  This wasn't what we wanted to hear, but not unexpected from what we saw on the MRI a month ago.  Hopefully, we can meet with the neuro-oncologist tomorrow to discuss possible treatments.  It is good to know we are in God's hands no matter what.  We've been in this situation before and saw God work then too.  I took the kids down to see Amy tonight and afterwards we talked about her diagnosis.  Mia asked, "Was it more of a shock the first time or this time (11 years ago)?"  I guess the first time, but it is by no means easy any time.

On a lighter note, I've noticed that in situations like this, people assume that as a male I can't perform normal household functions like cooking so they bring us food!  This is great, saving me time at home so that I can still feed the kids and schlep them back and forth to the hospital to see their mom.  Thanks to all of those who voted their lack of confidence in me with lasagna, chili and other goodies! 

Post-Op Day One

10 Dec 2015

Amy continues to do well.  She said that her head hurt less today than before the surgery when she was having lots of headaches.  Of course, she is getting narcotics now, but it's a step in the right direction.  This morning she had a repeat MRI.  The surgeon wanted to see if there was any tumor that he missed.  We haven't heard what it showed yet.  I was surprised how small Amy's incision looked, since before the surgery the surgeon had said that he would have to extend the previous opening in her skull around the back.  It didn't look any larger than before.  It turns out that they were able to reach everything with the previous opening, so they only had to shave the opening a bit bigger, so that is making her recovery much quicker.  She said it was hard to sleep last night because they brought another patient into the other part of her room and the staff were talking all night getting her checked in.  She is supposed to move down to 6th floor, but so far that hasn't happened yet.  She's eating well and had chicken quesadillas for lunch and in the afternoon we went for a walk down the halls.  She feels unsteady, but can't tell if it is the surgery or the narcotics.

I also didn't sleep well last night.  I thought I'd sleep great since I was so tired from all of the emotional stress.  (Did I mention my sister Carolyn's husband was taken by air ambulance the night before to Lincoln to get two stents put into his R coronary at around midnight?)  He's feeling great too!  Did I mention how thankful I am to live in the era of modern medicine?

I am so thankful for all of our friends that could join me in the waiting room yesterday.  Unless I'm forgetting someone, 23 loving people came and joked and prayed and ate and reminisced with me, making the 7 hours go by quickly.  Thanks!

No Deficits!!

09 Dec 2015

6:27 pm. I'm in the room with Amy right now and am glad to report that she is doing great!  She can talk fine, move her arms and legs with normal strength and despite the surgeon saying she would certainly have a hemianopsia, she can see just fine in all directions!  She's hungry and they are bringing up some food.   I'm incredibly thankful as you can imagine. 

Surgery is over

09 Dec 2015

Dr. Puccioni just came out to say that the surgery went well.  He was able to remove as much tumor as he could see. He thinks it is tumor however.  She is still asleep so they haven't been able to test her motor functions yet.  Pray that she won't have any deficits when she wakes up. 

Closing now

09 Dec 2015

A sign on the wall I the waiting room says 'closing now'.  3:53 pm. Not 'closing now, please go home' but 'closing the incision we're done'!

So far so good

09 Dec 2015

Sorry. Things are a bit upside down right now! (2:15 pm) I am in the waiting room at Clarkson with some friends. Surgery started at a bit after noon and should last 4 to 5 hours. We just had an update from the OR saying that things are going fine. Thanks for praying! 

Surgery tomorrow!

08 Dec 2015

"Are you anxious about your surgery,"  I asked as we went for a walk around Zorinsky Lake yesterday.  "No.  I just want to get it over with!"  She's almost there.  Amy's surgery has been moved up yet another hour (she said it must be all those people in the Ambassador class praying for her), now scheduled for 11 am tomorrow.  My sister, Alice, is going to help on the home front with the kids while I'm in the waiting room.  Thanks for your continued prayers.


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