A heart for france

All Saints Day

01 Nov 2011

Today is a public holiday in France.

.All over France families are gathering together to visit the tombs of their dear departed. They clean the graves and place chrysanthamems to decorate them. Many attend special masses or pay the priest to pray especially for their deceased relative in order to ensure their soul enters Heaven. Even though the majority are not practising this is an important moment for French families.

We Evangelicals don't agree with this doctrine. We believe the Bible teaches that we are faced with a choice in the here and now. As Moses said to the Hebrews in the desert :"The LORD has placed a choice before you. Life or death. Choose life!" (Deuteronomy). Having no opinion is the same as not choosing God.

8 of our teenagers including our 2 sons were presented with this choice this weekend. Our Union of Churches organizes a special 4 day camp for the teens of our Union and this year 250 young people heard messages on "Stop doubting, start believing!" mixed with social and sporting activities. We are so grateful for the effort that goes into these occasions - it really helps our young people meet with like-minded youth and to hear the Good News in a different way. We praise God that most of our 8 made a first commitment to God or a renewed commitment.