A heart for france

Campaign - Pray for France

12 Mar 2013


This week (March 10-16) we are praising "The God of Inheritances" as we celebrate how God has used his people in France and how He is still blessing them and making them a blessing today!

Below you will find the major themes for each day (as translated from Objectif France's prayer guide)!

Prayer Topics

Sunday, March 10: Martyrs - Witnesses

Monday, March 11: Martin de Tours - Intimacy

Tuesday, March 12: The Huguenots - Prophecy

Wednesday, March 13: Destined to be a voice

Thursday, March 14: Hesitant destiny

Friday, March 15: Human and humanitarian rights

Saturday, March 16: Love and relationships

Virtually praying

This past Sunday, we tried something new to bring our community together in a way we'd never tried before with a virtual prayer group. Please "like" us on Facebook to see how to join us for the next two Sundays of the campaign at 7:00 PM Eastern here in the United States. There may be other "spontaneous" times of prayer that will be announced on our Facebook page during these next few weeks, so don't miss out!

May you be blessed again this week as you go forth in prayer and intercession for France!

In Christ,
David Broussard
President, Impact France