A heart for france

Feed back

26 Apr 2012

Thank you so much for praying for our Kids Club (the Far West theme). We had 20 kids turn up from a variety of backgrounds, so we were thrilled. The weather was changeable but we were still able to do lots of outdoor activities. Lots of positive feedback from parents. Pray about how to do follow up.

Our teens had their own day last Saturday. 3 Youth groups from our Union of churches got together at our church. 17 kids altogether. It was my turn to do the think spot (which actually went for 2 hours because the weather turned bad!)

Using biblical examples, sketches, a french song, discussion questions, group work, we looked at Life Choices. We are responsible for our choices; God chooses us, but we also choose Him ; if we make a mistake we have only to acknowledge it, be sorry about it and accept His forgiveness, make it up to anyone else who might have been affected, and then have a fresh start ! What a blessing to be Christian !!

Had a great women's meeting on Tuesday and were finally able to get a number of us together. Have had to cancel a combined women's group meeting in June because of difficulty finding a convenient date!

Next big challenge will be 2nd of June where we are hoping for between 500 and 700 Christian women from all horizons to come and hear about 'Loving relationships'.