A heart for france

God also nourishes our faith in order to fulfill the mission He's given us

25 Oct 2013

Thanks to SIM Australia's Kookaburra newsletter for Aussie missionaries.

"I have discovered that much of the enemy’s plan to destroy us has to do with wearing us out. The missionary life is not a sprint; it is a marathon.

Did you have a tough day? Get some space. Take a nap. Take a walk. Listen to some music. Don’t overact to the day. Rather, respond by the Spirit. Instead of reacting to the daily fluctuations of the “spiritual stock exchange,” choose to be a long-term investor in the Word of God. If you remain faithful, your ministry will reap eternal dividends.

The enemy loves to place a large map of the Sahara Dessert in front of your face and remind you how difficult your journey is going to be. As you look at the many challenges set before you, a demon whispers in your ear, “Even if you make it through this day, look how far you still have to go. It is going to take you weeks,  months, even decades to get across this desert and you are thirsty already. Give  up now! Turn around! Go back to Egypt!” Discouragement is a powerful weapon.The enemy wants you to become overwhelmed and to give up the ground you’ve worked so hard to gain. Remember the Lord’s words: “Do not  worry about tomorrow...each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34).  When you are weary, don’t think too much or talk too much. Don’t even glance at the big map when you’re tired. Set your sites on getting to the next shelter where  you can rest."

~ Dr. Robert S. Miller, Spiritual Survival Handbook for Cross-Cultural workers   (p. 37)