A heart for france

God Bless you in 2012

08 Jan 2012

May 2012 be a positive year for you all with joy to share with all around you, peace to calm stormy waters, love which deepens and matures, strength to get through the inevitable hard days, and the right friends at the right time to support you. God bless each and every one of you.

The Girard Family missed out on the 'Good Health' side of the New Year, with all of us ill - some respiratory infection. 

We are still in the world record breaking longest house move of all time!! Unfortunately, there is still delay in signing the final sale papers, but we are planning to move the big objects 21st January, leaving us time to clean the current appartment. I cancelled all my appointments and meetings for most of December, and have done the same for all of January in order to get this house move completed and to set up the new manse for our family and our 2 ministries. Kitchen won't be in until near the end of February, but I'm so looking forward to inviting people again and building up the hospitality ministry. These are very material things, but our aim is to enhance our ministries and to build up important relationships.