A heart for france

New Year's Greetings

16 Dec 2014


This greeting was sent to us by an Eye-wear company we had used over the year. I took out their logo and just retained the things they were wishing for their customers this new year.

Can you see which word caught my eye ?

I forgot: they are French words so I should translate them for you.

Chance = luck

Vitalité = vitality

spiritualité = either our spirituality ie. to do with the spiritual aspect of our lives, or liveliness and wittiness of mind.

bonheur = happiness

audace = daring

passion = .... have a guess! ;)

succès =  ..... ditto


Apart from the word 'luck', we can turn each of these words into a blessing for each other. Shall we try ?


May the Holy Spirit be the source of your vitality and spiritual well-being; may His inspiration be the foundation of your daring and passion as you minister in His mighty name ; may you know that your happiness and success are God-given blessings. This has nothing to do with luck ! And all to do with the sovereignty of our Eternel God. Our very best wishes to you for 2015.