A heart for france

One month on ...

03 Nov 2012

I've been back in France for exactly a month after a 2 month Home Assignment. It's been a long landing : the time home was so intense and busy. The main thing I've noticed is how much I felt at home in Australia and how disconnected I felt at first in France. Even after 22 years in this country I have not lost my original Aussie background and identity or mentality. It's a reminder of the challenge of being a missionary in another country. You never really completely fit in.

I had to do a psychological profile for the mission and it was suggested I do one in English and one in French. Interesting result! No, I'm not schizophrenic, but different personality traits come through depending on which language I use! The psychologist can also see where there are conflicts between my natural self and what I think I need to be because of the host culture. This is where tension, fatigue and even low self-esteem or more abrasive character traits can be seen. So remember not only to pray for our ministry efforts, but for our personal well-being and balance. We are always on call mentally and emotionally. Pray we remember to depend on the Lord for understanding, help, energy, humility, and even opportunities to relax and to laugh. Missionaries don't negate who they are, but they are moulded by their experiences and surroundings.