A heart for france

One of my work tables

27 May 2012

My work tableThis table partly represents my week.

The peonies came into bloom this week - a magnificient display of God's creativeness.

A creative man from our church was able to frame our Last Supper tapestry.

The exercise bike hasn't been used for weeks because I've been too busy then too tired!

The pêle-mêle is for my daughter's bedroom and there are paint and serviettes waiting to make a wedding present for a couple for this weekend.

The plant is waiting to be watered.

The box under the table contains photos that need to be classed and conserved.

The table cloth folded on the chair represents the meals offered to our numerous guests.

The plastic bag represents a pair of jeans to be given away.

In another room, our office, my desk has the computer, Bibles and study books and folders to prepare for the following meetings: Pray & Share meeting Tuesday morning; mixed ladies' group Bible study Tuesday afternoon, Femmes 2000 final meeting to organize our special conference day next Saturday (2 June) Tuesday evening, 2 telephone counselling sessions, Ladies' Bible study Friday afternoon, Youth Group Saturday evening (after a wedding) and speaking on Mission (!), Sunday morning's Teens Bible study, followed by a support visit to one of our church families who scattered the ashes of their neighbour. I'm also finalizing plans for travel in July, August and September.

It is a busy life, but satisfying. Our family time is precious. There is some leisure time because we know our limits.

Perhaps there are too many things to deal with. We pray for order and to discern God's priorities;  we have been helped by our friends praying for extra strength during this hectic end-of-school year time. And the Lord encourages us as we see people being confronted by the Christian faith and others growing in their faith, especially our wonderful young people.