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Pray for France

25 Feb 2016

Things have settled down in France since the dramatic events of 13th November, but there is a simmering of discontent, of insecurity. Suspicion quickly rises to the surface. The debate, common to many Western countries, around whether we should accept refugees and on what basis ? Should we accept M*lims since the threats come from I*lam ?

Christians are getting a break from suspicion and media negativity simply because these other threats have taken the place, but any sort of adhesion to a faith is seen as potentially dangerous because we could turn fanatic.


Interesting to read this extract from the Jeyachandran blog describing a big conference on Christian ministry in Universities:

       "It was also sad to hear that in countries in Europe that we’d consider peaceful and open to the gospel, the University administration treats evangelical groups with suspicion while being open to other religions. One administrator told a Christian group that he believed they were only growing because they used manipulation and coercion. For me this was encouragement to fully take advantage of the openness to the gospel we currently have in Peru."



Blog post from 15 Aug 2015


We, in France, were touched by the expressions of support and sympathy. We Christians were surprised to see the acceptation of the campaign #PrayforParis. Only recently people would have reacted negatively or condescending. A little embarassed also that much Western media attention was on France when equal, if not more shocking, killings were going on in Africa.


However, I use these events and the current atmosphere to ask to to Pray for France : the name of a prayer campaign which was launched in France 15 years ago. A well-documented daily calendar helps you to pray specifically for current concerns, even to standing firm against evil, and in a spirit of praise to the Almighty God. If you are comfortable with French you can download the material : 



If not the American ministry Impact France has translated the material and you can find it :




The Lord has raised an army of pray-ers. We praise Him because He is taking care of France's spiritual health. Thank you for your part in it.