A heart for france

Well, that was the weekend ...

09 Oct 2011

When many people are counting on the weekend to relax and wind down after a week's work, the Girard family is in full swing.

  • contacting people
  • rehearsing for the Christmas presentation
  • checking things are in order for the Sunday services
  • we have even been known to spend Saturdays preparing the service or sermon or teens' group teaching ......


Along with the church side, we taxi our 3 children around to their sporting and music commitments and try to communicate with each other so everyone knows what's happening for the next week.

Sound familiar ? We are no different to any missionary/ministry family, and probably any other committed family helping out in their local church.

Once the kids are back in school on Monday, we breathe sigh of relief, but our official day off is Wednesday, which is also the day the kids don't have school when they are at Primary age, and where they only have school in the morning at Secondary level.

Our eldest child is at boarding school during the week in order to qualify as a car mechanic.

We live and work in a country area in the upper middle part of Ardèche, a hilly, mainly agricultural part of France. We'd like to make the most of the quality of life here, but find our busy lives keep us concentrated on ministry and opportunities for ministry.

Each year we determine to be less activist, yet we always end up coordinating, leading, mentoring, witnessing, organising, preparing, doing ..... Our aim is to train leadership in our 2 churches to share the work and responsibility, and to encourage our church members in outreach.

Please join us in praying that the French church continues to grow, and that all our efforts do bear fruit for the Kingdom.

Pray also for down time for us so we can be wise in our activities.