A heart for france

Working together

29 Nov 2012

In the midst of a busy week (nothing new there - each week is busy!), I drive 2 hours to attend a committee meeting for the Women 2000 South Eastern region group. It even snowed lightly when I went over the 700m altitude mark!

I always stay the night after these meetings, so I enjoy getting to know my hostess and fellow committee member. This morning I left at 7am to return home. 2 hours drive and more snow at 700m!

My husband greeted me on my return with "Well, was it worth it?" My answer is "Yes and no". We didn't deal with anything particularly urgent or difficult. I probably could have stayed home and communicated by email. I am the Vice-President, so I guess I have a moral responsibility to participate 'live and in person'! But it was worth it, because we were all able to give such positive feedback on the conference we had organized in June. Each of us has heard other women say how much they appreciated the theme and the day and that the Lord has unplugged certain blockages in their lives as a result.

And it was worth it because we talked about the pleasure of working together - aware of being a part of the Body of Christ where each member has her own rôle to play; the harmonious side of working toward a common goal, discovering the richness of each person, realizing that the Spirit of God is well and truly present and active.

We talked also of our difficulties - and realized also that we were engaged in a spiritual combat.

We talked of giving others the opportunity to participate (we were preparing our Annual General Meeting) and the need to be conscious of mentoring, transmitting our know-how and accompanying others for part of the journey.

We shared a meal together simply and naturally.

It was just so good to be sisters in faith together. So yes, it was worth it.