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World Day of Prayer

11 Mar 2012

Women of three churches in our town got together to prepare the Women's World Day of Prayer Friday 2nd March. The women of Malaysia wrote the celebration that would be read in all participating countries on the theme of "Let justice prevail".

Malaysia visits our church

For 3 years now, our organising committee has been looking for ways to keep this rendez-vous going. How could we get the younger generations interested ? Since French children don't have school on Wednesday afternoons, we decided to have an activities afternoon for Primary-age kids. This presents the concept of worldwide prayer, introduces them to a different country each year and they hear and work on one of the biblical passages chosen by the host country. This year we included a drama workshop on the Widow and the Judge of Luke 18:1-8. We also improvised a Malaysian dance.Let's dance!

Malaysia visits our church and had various activities to prepare decorations for the celebration on Friday.

Making coco balls

Only 20 kids showed up this time (in previous years we had 50), but it was a successful afternoon.

The Friday activities included sharing thoughts on the Bible passage, a Malay lunch and the 2 celebrations. The evening one includes the children and is where we hope to get families along. The challenge is keeping everyone interested, helping the 3 communities to accept the other and promoting Christian brotherhood.