Mission in Kandhamal



30 Mar 2013




O Lord, you have searched me and you know me... You are familiar with all myways. - Psalm 139:1, 3 (NIV)

Rarely do we sin openly. When an ungodly thought or deed is committed, it is usually done in secret. We may repeat gossip or tell untruths thinking no one will know, and we may deceive our spouse about our whereabouts. Evil, when it exists, lurks in the shadows and hides in the safety of darkness. Evil does not welcome light and truth for these things expose sin for what it is.  Instead, we hide our wrongdoings, thinking that if we don't talk or think about them, they will go away. Sadly, they do not, and our weaknesses find us again and again.

What makes us strong is our dependence on God. This may sound ironic since our modern society teaches that independence is power, but in spiritual matters, leaning on God rather than our own devices allows God to keep us in His merciful grasp. In other words, the best defense in our moments of weakness is to immediately call out to God for where we might be weak, God can be our strength.

It is impossible to hide the reality of our sins from God for our Heavenly Father IS truth. God sees through the darkness of sin for He IS light. We may run from God, but our sins always find us out.

Today, rather than hide from the wrongdoings of our lives, why not consider having a good heart to heart talk with your Creator? God knows our struggles, unmet needs and desires, and He seeks nothing more than to light our way to righteousness.