Angela Ngiam

God is Great!

16 Aug 2012

God is great!

No matter our circumstances… God is good!

I have now completed my first 6 months as a missionary of SIM and I have been reminded daily that God is faithful to his promises and his plans are perfect.

It was pretty hard to leave my job to join SIM as a missionary but I am glad I made that decision to serve the Lord as a mission mobiliser of SIM.

I have been learning a lot and stretching myself in areas that I never experienced before. And I am loving it!

In July we had our SIMWorld Annual conference and I had so much to do in organising the whole event, but I am glad that my efforts and hard work did pay off.

I was sure that the Lord was asking me to have a theme for this conference that would be around his name and not our name. So with that in mind I have planned to show people what the Lord has been doing everywhere in the world through the ministries of SIM.  And it was a great day when we all glorified him for what he has been doing in many other countries, in many people’s lives.

It is a blessing to be a part of an organisation that cares for people, that loves people, that connects people to each other and most importantly connects people to God.

People who attended the conference could hear from lost of missionaries what ministries they have been involved in and how the Lord has been changing lives everywhere in Asia, Africa and South America.

We had more than 150 people attending and lots of them decided they also want to get involved with what God is doing. It is a blessing to get alongside them and walk with them in this journey to discover what they will be doing in the future. I had great conversations with people who also want to step out of their comfort zone to reach out to people who are disconnected to God.

Then 2 weeks later we had the ReachOut Conference, the Australian Annual Mission conference, the biggest event for missions in Australia.

As a part of the organising committee I had a very busy semester getting things done to make sure we would have a great conference. And the team deserves a huge thank you as we all worked well together and had a great weekend in the Blue Mountains learning more about missions and being encouraged by the speakers to participate in missions in the world.

Many people came to our SIM stand and they were very engaging and serious about going overseas to serve the Lord.

It is very encouraging to see many people willing to leave behind their own selfish dreams so other people will benefit from their presence, work, skills, time, knowledge, etc in other less fortunate communities. And even better to see that those people love the ones who they do not even know, that they want to bring to people far away from here a message of love and salvation.

As to the next 6 months of my service I am looking forward to following up with each person who said they would like to go overseas. I love to hear their testimonies, their passion to serve others, their willingness to go, and it is very rewarding to help them to get where the Lord wants them to be.

Serving the Lord is what I love to do, and he blessed me as he called me to serve as a mission mobiliser with SIM at this point in time and I am thankful that his plans are perfect.

As to our family, U-Don has left his job and he is searching for a job that will match with the purpose of glorifying the Lord. We are praying for the right opportunity to come and for his purpose to be aligned with God’s purpose for his life. Please pray for us as our finances will suffer for a while as I raise my own support in this ministry and he is now out of the job.

We are sure that we are going through a time of change, of learning how to trust that God will provide for our needs, and to develop new skills so we can serve him in the future somewhere else, together in mission, to bring the message to those who never heard.  

But as I said earlier, God is great and his plans are perfect. We trust him! There is nothing to fear.