Angela Ngiam

Reflections from 2012

22 Nov 2012

2012 is almost finished. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!

I have been serving with SIM for about 10 months already. So much has happened, so much has changed, so much has been learnt, so much still to do.

I had such a great year! It was very different from anything else I have ever done.

I had great moments serving at SIM but at the same time personally I had some very hard times emotionally.

God has been teaching me a lot about himself and about myself.

So I thought it would be nice to share with you the highlights of this year so far:

What I have learnt about myself:

-          I don’t have to control everything; in fact, I quite enjoy not knowing what will happen tomorrow. If you know me well this is shocking to you!

-          I can let go of structure at times! I know... you don’t believe it!!!

-          I am quite creative when it comes to serving God, I have exercised my creativity and I really enjoy it.

-          I am a relational person, I love spending time with people, getting to know them, their story, their ideas, their dreams.

-          I truly believe that God has called me to this ministry at this point in time. Every day I reminded myself of his call, the value of this ministry and the joy I have in serving him.

What I have seen God doing through my role in SIM:

-          I had the pleasure to speak to many people who love the Lord Jesus and are willing to serve him overseas. As I heard those people’s stories, each person reminded me of God’s goodness, His mercy and His transforming power in their lives. He did incredible things in their lives.

-          God raised some of his people to go overseas in places where no one would really think of going, but because of their servant heart and their love for Jesus they are willing to go and serve the people far away and show them who God really is through love, words and deeds.

-          As a mobiliser I facilitated the sending of some people to some countries, 4 of them already are in the field while others are in the process of going. To know that lives of many will be impacted because of the message those missionaries bring with them and their service to others is a wonderful thing. To know that I have helped them to get there somehow is a great joy and pleasure.

-          I definitely believe that God has all under his control. When something came up that I had no idea what to do about, He guided me through his plans and I am confident that all results are according to his doing not mine.

-          SIM Australia had a wonderful year of changes and at times I might have been feeling left blind in the midst of uncertainty but God has carried us all through it and helped us to see light as we trusted him for the results.


What I have learnt or was reminded about God:

-          He is faithful, he does fulfil his promises.

-          He is in control, even when everything seems chaotic, or even when suffering hurts, He is always there.

-          He loves me, even though I don’t deserve his love, yet he calls me his daughter.

-          I don’t have to do anything to please him because the Lord Jesus has done it all for me. I can just enjoy the best ever relationship I can have with God.


As I reflect back, I remember saying to God a few years ago: Please, send me!

And his answer was: I sent you to Australia to send others to many places. You are one person in one field but through your willingness to serve me we can mobilise many people to many fields.

I thank God for sending me to Australia and for sending people out of here to the world; and for allowing me to have this pleasure of participating of what He is doing in the world.

As I look at the future, there is nothing I can affirm that will happen. There is nothing I can plan on my own strength. There is nothing I can control.

But one thing I know: that I will continue to serve the Lord Jesus, who gave his life for me, for the rest of my life until the whole world knows him or he calls me home. There is no greater plan that this!

:-) Please continue to pray for U-Don and I as we serve the Lord day by day, that we will rely on Him always for decisions.