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23 Apr 2013

Many things happened since my last newsletter.

1. We received my step-brother, step-sister and a friend from Brazil during Christmas holidays:
Michel, Nathalie and Alysson came over to Australia to spend some time with us. We loved having them here with us and we had a lot of fun together. We went everywhere around Sydney and walked a lot.. heaps of exercise! I am sure they enjoyed their trip.

(Michel, Alysson e Nathalie)

2. I am pregnant:
We are expecting our first baby! U-Don and I are really happy and thankful to the Lord for this blessing in our life. It is very exciting to follow the baby's growth via scans and kicks in my tummy. We are anxious to have him in our arms! I am now 23 weeks pregnant and our bundle of joy is expected for end of August. Please pray for baby's health... and mine too!

3. My service with SIM is a blessing:
Some of the missionaries that I helped to send to the mission field as short termers returned early this year. I had a whole team coming back from Bolivia, people returning from West Africa, Bolivia and Paraguay. It was lovely to meet with each of them to debrief their experience in mission. It is so encouraging to hear their stories, their experiences, their growth, their increased passion for missions and their plans to continue to serve the Lord and consider missions long term.

Early this year I helped to send 3 people to countries in Africa. And I have another 3 going also to Africa before July this year. And I am working on a few long termers going next year. So encouraging!

My love for missions is multiplied by those missionaries who are willing to go and serve. I thank the Lord Jesus for allowing me to be part of the team who sends those guys overseas and help to care, mentor and provide training to them. It is really a blessing and a privilege  to be part of God's missions in this way.

Please pray for SIM Australia - that we will be able to continue to send out missionaries to many places in Africa, Asia and South America.

4. I will be visiting Brazil in May:
Omar (SIM Australia director) and I have been invited by SIM Brazil to be the speakers of their annual missions conference from 24 to 26 May.

The theme of the conference is: The Mission to Send.
I will be speaking about sending, challenges, needs and importance of having people serving in support roles so the missionaries on front line can do their work well. Omar will be speaking on challenges to send people to unreached people groups, focusing in Asia. He will be challenging Brazilians to think of serving in Asia.

During our visit to Brazil Omar will have a chance to preach in some churches and speak in meetings with pastors and leaders of many denominations in 4 different cities. This is a great opportunity for the Brazilian church to get to know SIM a bit more and partner with us in sending missionaries to our fields.

I will also visit my home church, I will be speaking at their Bible study groups, with the people preparing to go overseas in missions and other like minded people. It is a great opportunity for me to encourage Brazilians to go, learn a language, adapt to a new culture, serve in whatever capacity God asks them to.

Please pray:
For the baby's health;

For the SIM missionaries in many fields around the world and for more people to be challenged to take the call into serving in mission overseas;

For the trip to Brazil, for health, safety, for the many meetings we will be involved with, for the conference and a great response from the Brazilian church to our opportunities of service especially in Asia.