Arequipa COVID19 Refugee Emergency

Can we do 700 bags this week?

01 May 2020
“Can we do 700 bags this week?”  was the question posed last Monday to the team of workers responsible for packing food bags.   We had done about 600 the previous week, so what was 100 more?  God has been gracious in providing the funds and faithful workers to serve in this ministry.  
An obstacle we have faced is finding enough food and getting it to the place where bags are packed.  Our vehicles were packed to capacity carrying food for just 300 bags.  It was also getting increasingly difficult to find enough food without spending hours driving around to different places, avoiding roads that had been blocked off, explaining our work to police who regularly stopped us, and finding that stores that had been open previously, were now closed.  
A colleague runs a Breakfast Program which delivers food to churches to provide breakfasts for children in need.  He recommended his delivery person, and we made contact with her.  She now weekly delivers some of the food we need.  This has been a great help.
Packed car
Another concern was preventing “burn-out” for those who were working long hours every day packing and delivering.  The work was divided into morning and afternoon “shifts” so people could have a break.  The Lord was also faithful in providing new people to pack, so that the same people didn’t have to come every day.   Some regular workers had to take days off because of illness or injury, but we were still able to get the required number of bags packed.  
Packing food
A quick update on a previous blog —- Oriana’s baby boy recovered from his fever with the medication we were able to provide, and her niece who was covered with a rash also improved within one day after receiving medicated cream.  She is also now fully recovered.  Thanks to all who prayed!  
We are in the process of making this an official project of SIM which people can donate directly to.  We don’t know how long the quarantine will last, or for how long people will need this service.  God knows, though, and our prayer is that God will provide the funds for as long as this project is needed.  Please join us in prayer.  In a future blog we will give information on donating directly to the project.  Another way to help with similar needs around the world is to donate to SIM’s emergency fund.