Arequipa COVID19 Refugee Emergency

How can we increase our capacity?

17 Apr 2020
What started as a project to help feed 150 families through this critical time has exploded. This week, we’re delivering these care packages to almost 500 families and we’re looking at ways we can continue to expand to meet the need. Estimates are that there are over 12,000 Venezuelan refugees in our city.
Here’s an example of what we put into one package to give to each family. It costs us roughly USD12 to help feed a family for a week.
Care Package
Our big challenge now is how can we increase our capacity. In the last week we’ve become more efficient in buying food and packing it but there’s a limit to how much more efficient we can become. We can’t expand our team or bring in volunteers because the government has put in place strict restrictions about who can work. These are generally a good thing because it forces people to stay at home but this is unfortunate for us.
A large group of Venezuelans wait for their package. The police are here too ensuring that people keep a distance from each other.
Keeping distance
We’re also spending more than we expected. We’ve opened the project to let Peruvians give financially or donate food and we already received a few generous gifts. If you’d like to support a family you can give through the SIM International Relief Fund:
A gift of $24 will help 2 families with food for a week. $240 will help 20 families.
Please pray for wisdom in how we use our time and resources. Please pray that we can make an impact greater than simply feeding people. Pray that we can show love to the people that we serve with food.