Arequipa COVID19 Refugee Emergency

Please pray for me

17 Apr 2020
“Please pray for me.  Pray for my children and my family.”  This request came from Oriana, a woman we are helping through our Venzuelan Refugee Project.  Oriana came to Peru as part of a group of 5 families who belonged to the same church in Venezuela.  She has a 5-month old baby boy who was suffering from fever, and an online doctor had advised antibiotics.  (Antibiotics are sadly very over-prescribed here.)  She was asking for help in buying the antibiotics.  I had her talk to a colleague who is also a doctor, and he advised her to simply treat the fever with fever medication instead of using such strong medicine.  We provided the medication for her, and her son is now doing much better. 
Oriana lives with her sister and brother-in-law, who also escaped from Venezuela.  Her 3-year-old niece has become covered with an unidentified itchy rash.  In these times, the only way non-emergency cases like this may be treated is by phone and photos.  So we showed photos of the child’s condition to the pharmacist (who often double as doctors here) and she recommended Vaseline and another medicated cream to put on at night.  Please pray for healing for this child.  
Oriana’s family is only one of many, many needy Venezuelan families here in Arequipa.  As you can see, food is not the only need they have.  Please pray for our project, as we seek to help these families with their critical needs.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, and provision.  
We currently have the funds to continue this project for only one more week.  The quarantine is currently until April 26th, and may be extended.  If you would like to donate to our project, please see the information below.