Arequipa COVID19 Refugee Emergency

We needed a Miracle

06 Apr 2020
We started Saturday needing a miracle.  We had coordinated with a two groups of Venezuelans to deliver food bags to them that afternoon.  The second group was quite large, and we feared we wouldn’t have quite enough bags.  Matthias read the story of the feeding of the 5,000 from the Bible, and we prayed that God would once again provide so that these hungry people could be fed.
A team of 8 people spent the morning packaging the different food items and making bags; they came to 85.  The bags were then packed into two waiting vehicles.  
We visited the first group of 11 families, all living in the same hostel.  After giving them their food bags, we talked with them about the Lord.  They all seemed to be believers.  One lady asked me for prayer for a family member who was hospitalized in Bolivia.  What must it be like to have family members scattered among different countries at a time like this?  We had a time of prayer in the group, then we bid them farewell and went to where we were to meet with the second group.
Giving food
They were waiting for us in the street.  There were also police waiting, because there was a crowd.  Matthias went to talk with the police to explain to them what we were doing.  We encouraged the people to maintain several feet of distance between them as they formed a line.  This group was rather organized and had composed a list of the people who were coming — according to the list, we were going to run out.  We started handing out the food bags, and the last one went to the last person in line.  We had exactly enough!  God is truly our Provider! 
Giving food
Please pray that God will continue to provide, and give us wisdom and strength as we seek to minister to these people in this time of crisis.